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Sonya's House Inc.

Sonya’s House nonprofit organization founded in 2015, celebrates the life and spirit of Sonya Thompson. After 11 years of fighting, Sonya loss her battle from complications related to AIDS in 2003. Along her journey, she had difficulty in accepting her diagnosis and compliance with her daunting medication regimen. From her experience while caring for Sonya, the founder recognized the need for support within in the Dallas community and has heeded its call. No one should endure this battle alone and we are here to help.

Opening July 27th 2017, this Boarding house facility specializes in working with people affected by the virus that causes HIV and AIDS. We recognize the difficulty in adjusting to this life altering change; which can be mental, spiritual, physical, and financial. Our goal is to provide low income housing and holistic care during this time.

Services include:

• Three nutritiously balance meals (adjusted to individual dietary needs)

• Medication compliance

o Medication administration

o Medication monitoring and adherence

o Medication education

• Assistance with activities of daily living

• Assistance with adjustment to daily life

o Setting and maintaining goals

o Reorientation to the workforce

o Partnering with HIV/AIDS support groups and organizations

Here at Sonya’s house we want every individual, affect by this illness, to live life abundantly. In memory of Sonya, we will be there as partners on this journey. If you would like to learn more about Sonya’s house please contact the Founder Nepfrintina Hawkins.


Mission Statement: To provide individual with a safe, clean living environment, to provide the necessary basic skills to equip individuals for a successful transition back into society as a productive citizen. 

Sunshine Advancements Inc.




Mission: To train and mentor young adults in workforce readiness and mental health wellness. 


Core Beliefs: 

Integrity: We maintain just and honorable intentions always.

Diligence: We will not stop or give up.

Honor: We respect others regardless of their station in life.

Diversity: We are all interdependent and in this together.

Love: Love is the greatest gift and the foundation of our service to others.

Sunshine Advancements Inc.

To train and mentor young adults in workforce readiness and mental health wellness.